Historical Foundations at Uffda Corner

These stone foundations are found at Uffda Corner, which is the corner on the road where you better slow down. If not, uffda, you may go in the ditch! One is near the road, one is on the west side, and one is on the north side of the trail. Norwegian immigrants built these homes in the mid 1800s. You can still see three stone foundations. At one time there were three homes, a barn, and a spring house. The spring house was near the spring, in which milk and other items were kept cold. Stories have also been passed on that said new Norwegian settlers would stay with these families until they found places of their own.

This foundation (below) is of a newer barn/shed that burned down around 2006. This one has a cement foundation, the other three have a stone foundation.

As more information is researched, it will be added to this page.