Additional Signs & Interesting Facts about the Trail

In 1983 Spring Grove held their first Folksmarsj during their Syttende Mai celebration in mid May. Spring Grove held their last Annual Folksmarsj in 2004, however, the trail was periodically used over the years. Several years later Dr. Jim and Karen Gray opened the Gå På Tur during some Syttende Mai celebrations, which eventually became part of the Norwegain Ridge Birding and Nature trail in 2013. In 2015 the Maple Sugar trail was developed, which also was part of the original Folksmarsj. At one time there was a southern Folksmarsj and a northern Folksmarsj. The Norwegain Ridge Birding and Nature trail is using part of the southern portion. A Folkemarsj is a 10-20 kilometer walking trail.

Foundations - There are several old  stone foundations found along the 2 mile trail.

Joseph Langland Literary Trail - A portion of the first mile has been named the Joseph Langland Literary Trail. Joseph wrote many poems that were inspired by nature.

Maple Woods - The third mile of the trail brings you through the sugar maple woods.

Oak Savanna - On the first mile you will walk along an Oak Savanna, a rare habitat that used to be abundant in our area.

Wild Parsnip - Wild parsnips are a noxious weed that have invaded our area. Please be careful not to come into contact with these weeds.